Principals of Principle Season 3 OBB

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Stephen Aguilar
Stephen is a multi-instrumentalist, DJ and activist who prefers to live simply and often commute. He finds that regularly interacting with other people is healthy and believes that alienation leads to class division. He admires “ideas” and does not “worship” people. He is an avid reader and collector of comic books. He is fascinated by superheroes because he believes that they are our highest, kindest, wisest and toughest selves.

Angelo James Esperanzate
Gelo is in development work and is a registered nurse. He’s more than game to challenge you to a musical riff-off, a game of Smash Bros 4 and MKX and Splendor. This comic book and tabletop geek can spend an entire day discussing the complexity of Marvel while winning a game of Resistance. A proud gay man, he works to fight sexual orientation and gender-based discrimination, advocate for equal rights and educate people about safer sexual health.

Kiko Aquino
Due to multiple interests, focus is quite a challenge. But as an enthusiast of worldly and out of this world things, focusing on any single topic/task becomes quite the homage to being human (big smile emotic icon misplaced). From cuisine to music to stories to people to places, there are so much eccentricities and intricacies to ponder upon, wonder a woman about for any one man to field a day with! Citizen of the world? That’s for Kiko to know and you to enjoy!

Pika Yonzon
Pika is a wordsmith wannabe and believes in faeries. Between being busy as an art director-slash-event stylist and taking care of her three handsome kids, you’ll see her drinking milk tea while having nonsensical conversation with random people. She’s an ex-advertising robot and she also dabbled in makeup artistry. Currently, she’s exploring her options and rediscovering her passions, rekindling her love for adventure, and reacquainting the beauty of spontaneity. She is a true believer of karma, reincarnation, and sublime medium rare steak. She considers herself as an environmentalist (you don’t want to litter around her, or you’ll never hear the end of it), a foodie, a frustrated rakista and frustrated trasher.

Mek Yambao
Mek is an emerging contemporary artist that combines traditional media with organic grounds. Her works are heavily influenced by nature, introspection, and illusions creating a collective narrative through different interpretations, and exploring the psyche and multiverse through painting media with intersecting surreal automatic drawings. She actively participates in group exhibitions whilst preparing for her first solo show. Her works appeared in several art features and are held in private collections in the Philippines, the United States, Malaysia, and France.
Aside from her artistic endeavors, she’s also an aspiring triathlete, agnostic, and feminist with an active advocacy against rape culture while also promoting environmental protection.

Lorna Kapunan
Atty. Kapunan is a lawyer for 37 years and a leading human rights advocate in the country. She is also an Environmental Law expert being the first lawyer in history to have obtained a Writ of Kalikasan from the Supreme Court of the Philippines.
Atty. Kapunan fought pro bono for the rights of ordinary residents of West Tower Condominium and Brgy Bangkal, Makati City who suffered health and environmental hazards from the oil leakage caused by a defective gas pipeline owned by a giant corporation.



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