Principals of Principle Season 2 Teaser

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Wanggo Gallaga
is a writer, having worked professionally since he was 14 writing comic books. He has written for advertising, events, PR, television, the publishing world — newspapers, magazines and online, and film. He wrote the films Sonata and T’yanak and his poetry and short fiction have appeared in various anthologies, journals, and in online publications here and in the UK. In 2008, he was diagnosed with HIV and he became public with his HIV status later that year and is an advocate for HIV awareness and prevention. He would rather be a poet, preparing to publish a collection of poems by the end of the year, but he still has to do other things because he doesn’t believe in starving to death.

Ryan Gonzalez
is an avid collector of useless trivia and obscure sports knowledge. When he isnt glued to the television soaking up the day’s sports headlines, he is often found roaming the downtown streets looking for the next tasty treat he can absorb into his being. Video game nerd, music buff, poet, and a self proclaimed master of comedy, much to the disdain of those around him, Ryan delineates the adage ” jack of all trades, master of none.” Born in the Philippines, but growing up stateside, Ryan has a idiosyncratic view on pretty much everything in life. Ryan is an ardent practitioner of kung fu, a professional race-car driver, but most of all a student of life. Two out of the three stated in the previous sentence were false. Tune in to find out which!

Victor Prieto
Victor is what you may call a renaissance man. He is an entrepreneur, poet, barista, musician, athlete, boardgame addict, music producer,family man, husband, and all around good guy. Born a Filipino American, he grew living and learning within a multicultural family. This Music Production graduate has been busy with manning and managing his businesses, The Appraisery Coffeeshop and Meeple power Gaming Solutions in Cubao X and Padre Dive bar at the Collective. His wish is for world peace, or a kickass breakfast burrito (whichever comes first).

Marty Tengco
Marty loves everything warm, fuzzy and not scary. It is part of her bucket list to learn every musical instrument known to man and visit every happy place in the world. She enjoys singing in the shower and daydreaming like Walter Mitty. A vegetarian with a cause, she hopes someday to either inspire people to be one or encourage cruelty free fresh produce. She still wishes she got her father’s height.

Drei Toledo
Drei Toledo is an educator and a passionate advocate of children’s rights. She is a One Young World Ambassador representing Philippines and Cambodia. Whilst in London, and amongst young leaders from all over the globe, she received leadership training from Kofi Annan, the former secretary-general of the United Nations, and other world leaders, to strategically and creatively address challenges relating to Human Dignity, Interfaith Dialogue, Universal Education, and Climate Justice. Her chosen religion is Baha’i Faith. She loves scuba diving, beaches, traveling, animals, and dark chocolate.

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