Principals of Principle: Teaser

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Principals of Principle hosts

Nii Foronda has this delusion of grandeur in becoming a stand-up comedienne. Her passion lies in Science Fiction and pledged allegiance to the Starfleet Command. She almost became a nun and gone out of the nunnery due to lack of dental care support. She is currently a non-believer or more like a free thinker. No, it’s not because of what they lack in dental care support.

Alma Anonas-Carpio is the Associate Editor of the newsweekly Philippines Graphic magazine. She has been a journalist for two decades and a slave to her imagination for much longer than that. When she is not writing her reportage, she pens poems and the odd piece of fiction and erotica. When she isn’t doing that, she hangs out with her one-eyed cat Kai, her Twin Towers and cooks for various members of her family of friends.


Angel Jones started off with the international band Kulay. She expresses her artistry in a variety of mediums such as hosting in live events, on television and on radio; make up artist, brand and image consultant/speaker, fashion appreciator and writer in both the Philippine and now the Canadian entertainment industry. Currently, she devotes her time seeking spiritual inspiration, with her four children motivating her to reach beyond her limits. She hopes she can help people find their truth as she tries to find her truth while celebrating the beauty around her armed with sarcasm, positive cynicism and optimism to guide her on her way.


Vince Dioquino loves tokwa’t baboy and cheap beer. He passionately collects bus tickets and crumpled receipts. A poet-critic, his interests include philosophy, literature and contemporary art. His writings have been published here and abroad, and he has self-published his first poetry chapbook, nameless horizons. He currently serves as poetry editor for ellipsis, a forthcoming local art journal. He is currently completing a novel-in-verse project and a monograph.


Niccolo Cosme started his career in the field of photography in 2001. He has established a name in the industry through his talent, passion, creative imagination, fascination with meanings and symbolisms, pain and sorrow and Christian iconography, his favorite subject is the Mater Dolorosa. He spearheaded The Project Headshot Clinic, merging profile photos online and advertising to promote awareness on campaigns, advertisements, and advocacies through unique digitized headshots; co-founded The Red Whistle campaign in 2011, a community response to the alarming situation of HIV and AIDS in the Philippines; a great supporter of Human Rights, the Anti-Discrimination Bill and Reproductive Health Bill, he considers activism an integral part of him as an artist and as a humanitarian vegetarian.


Kim Tengco is in Lay Pastoral Ministry but he is also open to other people’s faith. He believes there is uniqueness in each human being for there’s divinity within. He once was part of the Humanist Movement. He took up his MA in Theology at Maryhill School of Theology.



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